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Review the WhatsApp Commerce Policy.

  • Choose a WhatsApp Display Name.
  • Select a Business Category for your Company.

Add and Verify Phone Number

Add a Number not currently in use with a WhatsApp account.

  • Verify Phone Number ownership via SMS or Voice Call.
  • This will be your WhatsApp API Account Phone Number.

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Messaging is activated in Unverified Trial Experience.

  • Verify Facebook Business Account to increase daily Template Message limit.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is WhatsApp API?

  • WhatsApp has two products for business, WhatsApp Business App & WhatsApp Business API.
  • WhatsApp API (Business API) is designed for companies that need multiple users. Unlike the App, it does not have a desktop or mobile interface. To reply to messages, you need to connect WhatApp API to a Messaging Software (like
  • WhatsApp API does not have all the same features as WhatsApp Business App, WhatsApp Calls & WhatsApp Catalogs are not yet available. They will be added by WhatsApp in the future. Group chats are also not supported, but it looks like WhatsApp is not in a hurry to add them.
  • WhatsApp API is only available through partners like 360dialog and partners are free to set their own prices. Conversations will then be billed according to the WhatsApp Conversation-based Pricing Rate thereafter. It is currently the cheapest WhatsApp API product on the market.

What is a Facebook Business Account & Verification?

  • A Facebook Business Account, also known as Facebook Business Manager, is the place where a company manages all their Facebook assets including Facebook Ads, Facebook Pixels, Facebook Pages & more. If your company uses any of these tools, it is likely you have an Admin at your company with access to Facebook Business Manager. To complete your WhatsApp API Account - Facebook (WhatsApp is owned by Facebook) will need to verify your Facebook Business Account belongs to a real business.
  • To do this you will need to go to your Facebook Business Manager, navigate to Business Settings then Business Info. Once you press the Verify button you will need to submit company documents & provide an address. It will take 1 to 3 business days for Facebook to verify your business. We recommend you do this process, before you begin the Sign Up Process above.

What is WhatsApp Display Name & Commerce Policy?

  • WhatsApp verifies companies are using their own brand and are not impersonating any other business. WhatsApp also verifies the company does not operate a line of business which is not allowed by WhatsApp Commerce Policy.
  • WhatsApp will need to approve your WhatsApp Display Name. To be verified quickly use a Display Name that matches your Legal Business Name or Website branding. Do not use all capitals, extra punctuations, emojis or symbols. Display Name verification will begin once you add & verify a Phone Number to your 360dialog WhatsApp API account.
  • The WhatsApp Commerce Policy prohibits business transactions of illegal products or services. Accounts that do not abide by the policy will not qualify for a WhatsApp Business Account. Although it is possible to appeal WhatsApp's decision, if you fail WhatsApp Commerce Policy verification, the WhatsApp account will not be activated. Commerce Policy verification will begin once you add & verify a Phone Number to your 360dialog WhatsApp API account.
  • Here are examples of businesses that are not allowed by WhatsApp Commerce Policy. Companies that sell drugs (prescription or otherwise), tobacco, alcohol, unsafe ingestible supplements, weapons, ammunition, explosives, animals, adult products or services, body parts or fluids, medical or healthcare products, real money gambling and dating services.
  • Keep in mind if your brand is involved in any of the above businesses, your brand can still get a WhatsApp API account. However, you will not be allowed to use your WhatsApp API account to trade in these items. You may be required to explain how you will be using the account in your appeal.

What will be my total monthly charges?

  • There are 2 components of your monthly WhatsApp Business API payment:
    • Every month, you will also be entitled to a lot of free messages:
    • The first 1,000 Conversations are FREE
    • Any Conversation that is user-initiated and starts from click-to-chat advertising or a FB Page CTA button is free

      How will WhatsApp Conversations be charged?

      • From 1 February 2022 onwards, businesses will be charged based on WhatsApp Conversations (the first 1,000 Conversations monthly are FREE).
      • A WhatsApp Conversation is a 24 hour messaging window that which price rates are based on who sent the first message- either the User or the Business, which are referred to as User-initiated Conversations and Business-initiated Conversations.
      • However, the Conversations will only be charged as a User-initiated Conversations if a business replies to the User’s first message within the 24 hour messaging window.
      • Each of these 24 hour Conversations session results in a single charge to the business based on the user’s country code. During this 24 hour Conversations session, businesses and users can exchange any number of messages, including Template Messages without incurring additional charges.

      Can I respond to customers after 24 hours? What are Template Messages?

      • Any time you message a Customer more than 24 hours after they message you, the message is considered a Template Message.
      • A Template Message must be approved by WhatsApp before it can be used to message customers. Once approved you can use the Template Message as many times as you like.
      • A Template Message is a message that must be approved by WhatsApp before it can be used to start a Business-initiated Conversation. A Template Message can either be text-based, media-based or interactive. Once approved you can use it as many times as you like.
      • Template Messaging is limited to 50 unique customers in a rolling 24-hour period before Facebook Business Verification.

        What Phone Number should I use for my WhatsApp API Account?

        • To use this WhatsApp API account, you will need to add a phone number you control. It is best to use your company phone number. However, you cannot use a phone number that is currently in use with a WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business App account.
        • If the phone number is already in use with a WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business App account, you can still use it. However, you will need to delete your WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business App account before attempting the SMS or Voice Call verification. If you do not delete the account, the SMS or Phone Verification will fail.
        • Deleting the account will cause downtime and you will not receive your Customer messages until you connect to To delete the WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business App account open the WhatsApp account and go to Settings > Account > Delete Account.
        • Keep in mind, deleting the WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business App account will cause you to lose your Contacts & Messages. You can avoid this by using a number that is not currently associated with a WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business App account.

        Why do I need to connect with my WhatsApp API Account?

        • Unlike the App, WhatsApp API does not have a desktop or mobile interface. To respond to messages, you need to connect WhatApp API to Messaging Software (like
        • Please keep in mind, is free forever for up to 100 Contacts. After 100 Contacts there are paid plans available. A paid plan is not included in this offer.

        What is the Unverified Trial Experience?

        • After signing up, your account will enter Unverified Trial Experience and a confirmation email will be sent to you.
        • All accounts under the Trial Experience will have access to the following features:
        • Unlimited User-initiated Conversations (24-hour messaging windows)
        • Ability to send Template Messages/notifications to 50 unique customers in a rolling 24-hour period
        • Ability to register up to two (2) phone numbers, which can both be assigned to 1 WhatsApp Business API or split between 2 WhatsApp Business API
        • During this stage, WhatsApp will also commence the Display Name and Commerce Policy Checks and businesses have to pass both checks for their account to be live. It can take up to 48 hours for the checks to complete.
        • Accounts that fail either checks can opt to appeal for a reevaluation or alternatively request to revert the number back to a non-API number.
        • Upon passing the checks, your account goes live. You can choose to remain in Trial Experience with limited messaging access or increase your Template Messaging capacity to the Standard Limit by verifying your Facebook Business Account.

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